Saturday, August 13, 2016

We are three weeks old!

Chaplin and Sally's puppies turned three weeks old yesterday. It has been a hectic few weeks as owners Marilyn and Jackie Wooden had a lot to deal with! There were a few trips to the vet, a new mama with not much milk so the pups had to be hand fed. Sally was not quite sure what to do for awhile but things are getting better and the puppies are growing!

Searching for a theme for this litter Marilyn came up with a perfect one after a casual comment about the pups being precious jewels so they are officially Sally's (and Chaplin's) Precious Jewels!

For being only three weeks old Jackie and Marilyn have been able to get some pretty good stacked photos of the Jewels so here they are, I hope you enjoy them!
This is Flint







We hope you have enjoyed the photos. Please come back and visit us again!

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