Monday, May 21, 2012

Eight weeks and minus two

The last few weeks have certainly flown by. I took the puppies to Grandpa Mikes and left for Tulsa, OK for the Dalmatian Club of American's National Specialty. We all had a great time. One of my boys, Jack, was Winners Dog and is a new Champion!

The puppies had adventures too. They were outside for the first time. They hung out on Mike's patio and discovered the back yard, grass and plants. They grew so much while I was away. When I went to pick them up for the hearing test they were no longer little baby pups they were little dogs!
The puppies were all pretty good for their hearing tests and Auntie Lisa went with us to helpso we had a puppy assembly line where each pup got an exam, a BAER hearing test then a vaccination and a microchip.

Saturday was the big day. Grandpa Randy and his wife Mary, Grandma Annelle and her husband Dave came to see them. We also had other friends come to visit. Ed and Cynthia, neighbors Sherill and her grandson and Auntie Lisa. Grandpa Mike and his son Patrick also came to visit.
We all had a great visit, lots of good food and then stacked and evaluated the puppies.And at the end of the day 2 puppies, Lewis and Darlin' went to their new show homes. Lewis will be living in San Diego with Mike and Xandra. Darlin' went to live in Squaw Valley and will be co-owned with Annelle and Dave.

 Here are just a few pix of our day...













Whitney in the tunnel

Whitney and the jump

Whitney in the Pause Box

Mike and the boys

Mike and the girls

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Five weeks and counting!

Well it has been a busy day here and it's not over yet! Today, we had visitors and took some pix of the puppies. Grandpa Randy helped stack the puppies while Mike and I took pix. Mike and his wife Xandra are from Southern Cal and are interested in one of the boys to show. Annelle and her husband Dave are interested in one of the liver girls to show. So they all came to see how the pups are looking so far.

I got a few shots while I think Mike probably got better ones. But for now, mine are all I have to work with to get something posted on the blog before I head for Tulsa in the morning. So here are some of the photos I took.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our first attempt at stacked photos. I promise, they will be even better next time!

While I am in Oklahoma, the puppies will be spending the next two weeks with Grandpa Mike and Gail. I am going to miss them so much! But I bet they will be reluctant to let me bring them back when I get home! Or maybe they will be ready to hand them over, we'll see.