Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Final chapter?

As I write this I am wondering if I chose the right title. While there is some finality to someof what I have to post, there is also a part of the story that will, at least for now, remain unwritten.

Patience has left us to join a family in Thousand Oaks, CA And while we will miss her, we know that this will be a great home for her. She has other animals and people to play with and will learn many important lessons along the way.

Tim was able to make his home with mom a permenant thing. Mike, Gaile, and the rest of the family are thrilled with the addition. Tim is now Ethan, Smiln Dal's Point Man For Sunwood.

And J.D. will be staying here and will continue to be Little Johnny Depp as Smiln Dal's Don Juan DeMarco. We like how he is turning out and hop to get some updated stacked photos of all 4 of the show pups very soon.

Having a broken foot sure has slowed me down alot more than I like. But once I am cleared I will be attending classes with Latte and J.D. and we will be looking forward to the Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty in 2013! Watch out MO, there are some brownies coming your way!