Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Empty nest

Things have been so busy this past week. All of the puppies have gone to new homes and now that I have time to think, I am suffering a bit of puppy withdrawal!

The first puppy to leave was Winter. Now Smiln Dal's Run To Me, "Raeah". She lives in Aliso Viejo, CA with Kelley and David.

Next was Spring, now Smiln Dal's Jive Talkin', who went to live with Dawn and Dave in Prunedale, CA. She already has a big sister, "Shadow".

 Then Yvonne and Tina came to get Summer, now Smiln Dal's Love Me Inside And Out, "Sirius". He will be living in Madera, CA.

Finally, it was time to put Autumn on the plane in Sacramento and send her to Marie in Colorado Springs, CO. Autumn is now Smiln Dal's Wildflower, aka "Stella".

I can't say enough about the wonderful people who have taken these puppies into their homes. It's been a great experience having the 4 pups and finding the right homes for them. It isn't easy, it's a lot of work but all worth it to know that a puppy born in your house has a loving home for life!

I look forward to seeing them as they grow up. Spring and Summer (Sirius) may turn out to be show dogs. We'll see how they look in a few months but we are confident that all the pups will make their mom and dad proud no matter what!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Eight weeks plus

Well, I have found that it isn't easy to keep up with a blog. At least not on a daily basis and not always on a weekly basis even.

Last week we got some stacked pix of the puppies at 7 weeks but for some reason, none of them turned out. So I decided to wait to post until I could get 8 week pix of them. So, here they are...

Here is Spring at 8 weeks. You can see by the little glint in her eye that she has attitude. This girl is going to be alot of fun, but may not be the right dog for a first time Dal owner. She is outgoing and confident and will do well in the right home.

Summer was not cooperating and kept pulling back trying to get the cheese out of my hand. At one point her decided it might be nice to have a little meat with his cheese and got the heel of my hand, ouch! Summer will be headed to a great home a bit north of here. His new owner is a previous puppy person of mine, They got a Dal from me in 1996 and she lived a good long happy life so I know they will provide a good home for this boy.

Winter has already gone to her new home. I was extremely happy to meet her new owner as she approached e with a copy of the Red Book in her hands. The Red Book is the official publication of The Dalmatian Club of America. It contains just about everything you could ever want to know about Dalmatians and then some. Everything from the history of the breed to the selection and care of your new puppy. It's great and I was pleased that this puppy's new owners did their homework!

Autumn has her appointment today to get a health certificate so she can fly to Colorado on Thursday. She is probably the sweetest puppy I have had in awhile, not that all of my puppies aren't sweet. But there is just something special about her. I hope she brings as much joy to her new owners as she has to me!